Welcome to the Hillsborough Garden Club

Established 1925

We meet the second Thursday of the months September through June, 9:30 a.m. at various locations throughout the Hillsborough area.

The theme for 2015-2016 is “Hands-On Gardening.”

We live in an exciting time of exponential discovery and change. As a branch of the National Garden Club, we are committed to flowing with these changes as they benefit our own club, our community and our personal spaces.

One of the first changes we adopted in 2014 was the revised wording of our Conservation Pledge to reflect a global outlook as caretakers, not only beautifiers of the earth, its flora, and its fauna. We embraced this outlook also with our annual Holiday Cookie Exchange. Rather than making plates solely for ourselves to take home, we also made plates of cookies to be shared with local charities, shelters and food drives. Later in the season, we stepped deeper into the technological world when we added a system for online dues paying to our annual membership drive. Our programs also reflected a progressive attitude with enriching presentations and hands-on activities. Finally, the bi-annual Spring Garden Tour and Tea were the most successful  ever, drawing visitors from throughout the region to view the beautiful gardens and art, watch demos from professionals, and meander around our charming town.

We did these things with the help of generous members who gave of their time, their talent, and even their pocketbook. Thank you everyone for such a memorable and brilliant year for Hillsborough Garden Club.


Your 2014-2016 co-presidents,


Carolyn Bass

Catherine Phelps

Catherine Phelps

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