Thankful Pie at the Adult Daycare Center

By Nancy Espersen

Thankful Pie-EspersenIt seemed like almost everyone wanted just one more piece of “thankful pie” (especially Howard who actually tried to take a bite out of the paper plate)

Thank you Joanne for doing all of the behind the scenes work – cutting out the filling and paper plates as well as putting them together.  It made it so much easier when we got there – we could “dig right in”

I loved all the pie flavors Joanne picked out (pink = strawberry, red = raspberry, green = key lime etc) to go with the traditional pumpkin and pecan.  Obviously the colors were a big hit!  Thanks for expanding our vision of Thanksgiving Pie!

The best part for me – two ladies said they were thankful for the garden club.  Wasn’t that sweet of them?!

Our next visit will be December 17.  Am hoping we will be able to get the small spider plants for participants to take home (the extras from the Town solarium).  We can decorate the yogurt cup and I’ll design a small card for them to color.  Since it is the day of their big Christmas party we should probably try to keep the activity rather short and simple – they have a big afternoon ahead of them!

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