2016-2017 Garden Club Committees

Listed below are committees for the Hillsborough Garden Club 2016-2017 season:


AWARDS: Responsible for applying for and collecting information from Club members and committees for GCNC and NGC awards.

Andrea Lewis*, Catherine Phelps

BEAUTIFICATION: Responsible for improving the visual and aesthetic appearance of the town of Hillsborough and participating in or sponsoring special events that promote the Club throughout the community.

Sally Boericke*, Catherine Phelps, Janie Trumbull

BIRDS/CONSERVATION: Responsible for reporting on the protection and feeding of birds, butterflies, and bees and for promoting related projects.

Linda Ostrand*, Pam Holloway, Cathy Owens, Alice Moore

CONSOLATION: Responsible for implementing the Club’s consolation policy, coordinating meals and other services for members following surgery or in times of extended illness.

Judy Roberts*, Adrienne Scurtu, Alice Moore

FINANCE: (President and Treasurer are always in this committee, along with others.) Responsible for preparing annual operating budget for approval by Club members, and for preparing up-to-date membership list for the NC Garden Club.

Carolyn Bass, Nancy Espersen*, Marianne Wolf, Sally Boeriche, Dolly Hunnell, Frances Harris

FLOWER ARRANGING: Responsible for assisting members with designing and arranging flowers for public buildings on special occasions.

Kay Goad, Catherine Phelps

GARDEN THERAPY: Responsible for promoting various aspects of garden therapy throughout the community, working particularly with the elderly, the young and the handicapped.

Sarah Meadows, Joanne Chenette, Linda Petrick, Ann Burton, Pam Holloway, Nancy Espersen

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Responsible for communicating to Club members events and needs associated with Orange County’s Habitat program, and responsible for recruiting Club members to assist in Habitat Builds and in other ways.

Marianne Wolf, Catherine Phelps, Binnie Davis*

HOSPITALITY: Works with the vice president to coordinate programs for the Club, for securing locations for each meeting, arranging hostesses, and for sending thank-you notes to speakers.

Adrienne Scrutu, Dolly Hunnell, Kim Richardson, Janie Trumbull

HORTICULTURE: Responsible for presenting horticulture tips at meetings, collecting rating sheets from members, and, with the Club president, preparing and submitting annual report to the District Director in January.

Catherine Phelps, Andrea Lewis

JUNIOR GARDEN CLUB: Responsible for planning and organizing the Club-sponsored junior garden club.

Andrea Lewis, Ann Gleason, Helen Strayhorn

MEMBERSHIP: Responsible for contacting people interested in participating in Club activities and informing them of the objectives of the Club and responsibilities of the members.

Carolyn Bass*, Frances Harris

PUBLICITY: Responsible for publicity of special events and for maintaining Club website.

Carolyn Bass, Frances Harris*, Cathy Owens

RESTORATION AND MUSEUM: Responsible for reporting to Club any upcoming programs or needs of the Orange County Historical Museum.

Carolyn Bass; now recruiting additional members

SCHOLARSHIP AND CITIZENSHIP: Responsible for informing guidance counselors at Orange and Cedar Ridge High Schools of the GCNC Citizenship Award available to students majoring in horticulture and for presenting a Citizenship Certificate to a graduating senior at each of the two high schools.

Frances Harris*, Diff Whitmore, Carolyn Bass

SCRAPBOOK: Responsible for creating a permanent record of clippings, pictures, and other memorabilia of Club meetings and events.

Adrienne Scrutu, Nancy Espersen

SOLARIUM: Responsible for care of plants in the Solarium at Town Hall.

Marcia Cameron, Binnie Davis, Kim Richardson, Wanda Richardson

YEARBOOK: (Sarah Meadows, chair) Responsible for design, proofing, printing and distribution of the annual club yearbook.

Sarah Meadows, Diff Whitmore, Phyllis Simon*