2015-2016 Meeting Schedule

We meet the second Thursday of the months September through June at various locations throughout the Hillsborough area. Our 2015-2016 meeting schedule is posted below.

2015-2016 Calendar of Meetings

All meetings begin at 10:00 am with a social gathering at 9:30 a.m. (except on January 8) *Hostesses are asked to provide simple refreshments including drinks and all paper products.

September 10, 2015 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program: Basics of Composting Indoors and Out
Location: Home of Trish Koontz,
Hostesses:  Ann Gleason and Kim Richardson

Muriel Williman, Education and Outreach Coordinator for Orange County Solid Waste Management, will teach the basics of composting indoors using worms and outdoors using the conventional pile method.  Learn how to take your kitchen fruit and vegetable scraps and turn them into rich crumbly brown gold-gorgeous natural fertilizer for your garden soils, while diverting a significant amount of waste from landfill disposal!

October 8, 2015 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program: Patio/Courtyard Landscaping
Location: Home of Diff Whitmore, 125 West Queen St.
Hostesses: Janie Trumbull and Pam Holloway

Relaxing “scapes? Active spaces? Large or not? Covered? Come explore patio and courtyard design with The Plant Lady. These are your home’s transition to the middle and outer rings of your garden and are a palette for fun decor and happy plants! After working in a variety of local gardening settings, presenter Beth Kelly is back at Hillsborough Gro-Smart.  Let her help you transform your patio or courtyard.

November 12, 2015 (9:30 am social 10:00 am meeting
Program:  Holiday Gala (Floral Arrangements for the Holidays)
Location:  St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 210 St. Mary’s Road
Hostesses:  Dolly Hunnell and Laurie Renz

Garden Club Member Trish Koontz will create a fall and a winter design during this program and will provide how-to information so that you can go home and create your own with expertise!  The program ends with a raffle draw for the two designs plus several more demo designs. (Raffle will benefit the club).

December 10, 2015 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program: Holiday Cookie Exchange
Location: Burwell School Historic Site, 310 N Churton Street
Hostesses: Linda Ostrand and Alice Moore

We love observing tradition as well as providing community service.  Celebrate the season by bringing a batch of your favorite cookies to exchange along with any recipes you wish to share.  Let’s help those in need by bringing a non-perishable food item to donate to the OCIM’s food pantry.

January 14, 2016 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program: Ergonomic Gardening
Location: United Methodist Church, 130 W Tyron Street
Hostesses:  Trish Koontz and Mary Ann Peter.

In this presentation of garden ergonomics, you will learn about performing gardening activities in the safest possible way while lessening the physical impact to your back, knees, arms, wrists and hands. It will also include information about ergonomic gardening tools and how to best select them to fit you and your needs. The presenter is Jo Gupta, PT, PhD, Assistant Clinical Professor, University Physical Therapy, UNC at Chapel Hill.

February 11, 2016 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program: Planting Native Plants in Your Garden
Location: United Methodist Church, 130 W Tryon Street
Hostesses: Ann Burton and Penny Van De Water

Tom Driscoll, President of the New Hope Audubon Society, will explain how native plants are critical for the survival of insects, birds, and other animals as part of the complex food web. Native plants are also beneficial to young nestlings and to pollinators, especially bees, which are decreasing, partly due to the lack of native plants and use of pesticides and herbicides. He will recommend local sources for native plants, how to recognize invasive species and how to improve wildlife habitat.  Visit their website (www.newhopeaudubon.org) for information on their new Bird Friendly Habitat Certification Program.

March 10, 2016 (No social; 10:00 am meeting at greenhouse)
Program: Multiflora Design Demonstration and Tour
Location: Multiflora Greenhouse, 1623 New Sharon Church Rd.

After a brief business meeting, one of Multiflora’s head growers will lead a 45 minute educational workshop with planting tips galore.  They will also provide a 20 minute guided tour of their facility.  The educational session will center around three common themes that support the design and build out of a gorgeous plant container.  Those three themes are:  Thriller, Spiller and Filler. All members will receive a small container with plants to take home.  In addition, Multiflora will have a drawing to award two gift certificates towards a shopper’s delight at their greenhouses. Bring your own coffee or tea and enjoy the morning.

April 14, 2016 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting
Program: Japanese Maple Pruning Master Technique Class
Location: Home of Penny Rand, 417 St. Mary’s Rd.
Hostesses: Sarah Meadows and Diff Whitmore

Member Penny Rand will discuss a very specific style of pruning; how to achieve this look, and why it is used in fine gardening. Japanese maples are pruned from underneath the tree, so we will need volunteers to crawl under the tree and prune. Please wear a hat or baseball cap and old clothes.  You will need to have BYPASS type pruners NOT ANVIL type pruners as they are very different, and they leave a very different look on your shrub or Japanese maple. Only bypass pruners may be used for this lesson. You do not need to purchase new pruners to attend the program. ALL PARKING MUST BE ON MILLER ROAD ADJOINING St. Mary’s.  Drop off is permitted but there is no parking in the driveway.

May 12, 2016  (No social; 10:00 am meeting at Garden)
Program:  Tour of Deer Chase Gardens
Location: 221 Deer Chase Lane, Durham, North Carolina 27705. Meet at United Methodist Church, Wake Street parking lot at 9:30 am for carpooling.

Deer Chase Gardens is nestled against Duke Forest, managed organically by horticulturalist Justin Waller.  Over almost a quarter century, the garden has evolved to include magical garden rooms opening to a hilltop vista, an oriental tea garden, much local art and multiple water features.  The gardens surround a house & office compound that follows eco-friendly LEED criteria.  Members will tour the gardens and view many structures in the garden made from already-fallen local red-cedars.  By May 10th, late spring bulbs & blossoms will still be showing and the azaleas will be in bloom. See more at www.deerchasegardens.com.

June 9, 2016 (9:30 am social, 10:00 am meeting)
Program:  Annual Review, Planning Session and Potluck Lunch
Location: St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, 210 St. Mary’s Rd.
Hostesses:  Marcia Cameron and Laura Simmons

The final meeting of the year gives us a chance to look back at the past year and plan for the future. Bring your favorite potluck dish for a delicious lunch to celebrate program successes and another year of the Hillsborough Garden Club.  We will induct new officers.  At this meeting we will also vote on programs for next year, so bring your great ideas!