Garden Club Helps Light Up the Night at the Library

By Nancy Espersen

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped decorate the library for the holidays. Here are a couple comments and pics.  Will send a more detailed thank you later!

People are in awe of Diff Whitmore’s wonderful artwork! It was fun “listening in” as people gasped and exclaimed and wondered who created it.  I think it deserves some kind of signage so everyone will know you are the artist!


Hillsborough Garden Club member Diff Whitmore created this gorgeous winter holiday scene for the Orange County Library holiday display.

Library-2-EspersenAnd people are raving about the High “lighting” local authors display case.  John Claude Bemis happened to be at the library this afternoon. When I showed him his picture and books on display he got a huge smile on his face and said what an honor it was for him!  Thanks Andrea for finding a camera and getting a picture of him.

As I said, will send more pics and thank yous later.  In the meantime – thanks everyone for a job well done!

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