Got Ideas for a Club Logo?

We would like to have a customized club logo and are reaching out to our talented members to send us ideas.

Here’s what we are looking for: a logo that says Hillsborough Garden Club in a stylish way. The logo might include images of flowers and/or plants designed into the wording, but the wording needs to be clearly readable. We do not want taglines, mottos, websites, or other words added to the logo (an exception would be the inclusion of: Est. 1925).

You can send us sketches (snap a photo of your sketch to submit) or digital art of your ideas. If you send us a sketch, please be aware that if we select your design, it will be transformed into digital art by a graphic artist.

Ideas will be accepted by members only. Members may submit as many logo designs as they wish. Deadline for the logo submissions are March 1, 2016. Please submit your ideas to co-presidents Catherine Phelps ( and Carolyn Bass (

Here are some good examples from other garden clubs to inspire and give you ideas.

Generic Garden Club Logos

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