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Candle Light Tour-December 10

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The Hillsborough/Orange County Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Hillsborough Candlelight Tour.  The Hillsborough Garden Club decorates some of these homes for the Chamber of Commerce.  The event is held on the second Sunday of December.  This year’s candlelight tour is a Salute to Hillsborough’s Veterans.  Houses were decorated using period correct holiday decorations created by the Hillsborough Garden Club.  The themes were Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam War.  The proceeds from the Candlelight Tour ticket sales will go towards the Orange County Veterans Memorial in Chapel Hill.  For more information email Hillsborough Garden Club at or Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce at

Many thanks to the following Hillsborough Garden Members who made this year a success: Andrea Lewis (President) Laura Simmons (Program Chair) Linda Petrick (Team Leader), Sue Waters (Team Leader), Diff Whitmore,  Adrienne Scurtu, Ann Gleason (Vice-President), Phyllis Simon (Communication Chair) JoAnne Chenette, Ann Sebesan, Dolly Hunnell (Excutive Board), Binnie Davis, Pip Merrick, Carolyn Bass, Nancy Espersen, (Treasurer) Janie Trumbull, Sue Harris, Kate Faherty (Team Leader), Christina Nova, Mary Ann Peter, Ann S. Burton, Evelyn Poole-Kober, Catherine Phelps (Team Leader), and Donna Mebane (Excutive Board).

Photos taken and submitted by Nancy Espersen, Phyllis Simon, Kate Faherty,  and Binnie Davis.