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Calendar of Meetings

Hillsborough Garden Club
 Calendar of Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, 9:30 a.m. social and 10:00 a.m. meeting. Directions and updates are emailed prior to the meetings.

September 14, 2017
Program: Spring Forth Flower Farm
Location: Orange Co. Environment and Agricultural Center, 306 Revere Street
Hostesses: Donna Mebane Sherry Appel Karen MacAulay

Karen MacAulay & Carol Nobile Photo by Adrienne Scurtu

What is it like to grow flowers professionally? Megan and Jonathan Leiss started Spring Forth Farm in Hurdles Mills in 2014. Using organic and sustainable growing practices, they have brought a 100+ year old tobacco farm back to life. Now numerous species of bees, reptiles, amphibians, and beautiful wasps live on their farm. Because they cherish their land, they have created a habitat for all types of wildlife.

October 12, 2017
Program: Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens
Location: United Methodist Church, 130 W. Tryon Street
Hostesses: Susan Harris  Carol McCanna  Judy Roberts

Michelle Rawlins is the Horticulturalist of the William Louis Culberson Asiatic Arboretum at Duke Gardens, an 18-acre collection of plants representing the wealth of floral diversity in Southeast Asia. The Arboretum has many garden favorites, including Japanese maples, irises, peonies, ginger lilies, and cherries, as well as many other rare and exotic species. Enhancing the Arboretum landscape are many favorite features of Japanese gardens. Michelle will discuss a brief history of the Arboretum but will focus her talk on the newly dedicated Pine Clouds Mountain Stream Garden, which will include a detail recounting of the history and plantings in the Kathleen Smith Moss Garden.

Kim Richardson Photo by Phyllis Simon

November 9, 2017
Program: Selecting Trees and Plants That Grow Best in Our Town
Location: Orange Co. Environment and Agricultural Center, 306 Revere Street
Hostesses: Adrienne Scurtu,  Carol Nobile,  Pam Holloway

Donna Mebane Photo by Phyllis Simon

Stephanie Trueblood is the Hillsborough Public Spaces Manager, a department responsible for developing and maintaining facilities and grounds available to the public, including parks, greenways, cemeteries, sidewalks, streets and urban spaces. She is also staff liaison with the Tree Board. Stephanie will share the mission of the Tree Board, describe the Treasure Tree program and discuss how our members can volunteer to serve on the Board. In addition, using her experience about trees and plants, she will share information about the plants that have worked and have not worked in the town public spaces.

Pottery by Mary Ann Peter Photo by Phyllis Simon

December 14, 2017
Program: Nature Inspired Pottery Plus Our Holiday Cookie Exchange
Location: Burwell School, 319 North Churton Street

Hostesses: Carolyn Bass  Frances Harris  Binnie Davis

Mary Ann Peter Photo by Nancy Espersen

We will celebrate the holiday season with the annual cookie and recipe exchange. Bake some of your favorite cookies to share and take home. Mary Ann Peter will bring some of her porcelain holiday ornaments and nature-inspired small dishes along with sprigs and stamps that she makes from flowers, berries, and nuts found in Hillsborough gardens and woods. She will discuss inspiration found all around us regardless of the season.

January 11, 2018
Program: Gardening in the South
Location: United Methodist Church,
Hostesses: Sarah Meadows  Janice Palmer  Kim Richardson

Mark Weathington, director of J. C. Raulston Arboretum of North Carolina State Univ

Stock Photo

ersity, will be our guest speaker this month. Gardening is easy - do not let the experts tell you otherwise. Mark will share secrets from his new book, Gardening in the South, The Complete Homeowner's Guide. He guarantees to turn any thumb green.

Copies of his book will be available for purchase. See details about visiting the Raulston Arboretum at  The arboretum is free.

February 8, 2018
Program: Language of Flowers
Location: United Methodist Church, 130 W. Tryon Street
Hostesses: Diff Whitmore,   Marcia Cameron,   Kate Faherty

We will be making mussie –tussies (nosegays) for the trays that are delivered to the people who receive meals on wheels through OCIM.  Most of the supplies will be provided. Ann Gleason will present the “Language of Flowers”.

March 8, 2018
Program: Supporting Pollinators through Bee City, USA
Location: Orange Co Environment and Agriculture Center, 306 Revere Street
Hostesses: Dolly Hunnell,  Alice Bohlen,    Mary Ann Peter

Hear about the role of our Club in making Hillsborough the 35th Bee City, USA and how this will benefit our community. The presenters, Sarah Meadows and Phyllis Simon, both HGC members, attended the first NC Certified Pollinator Advocate (CPA) Training in 2017 and are now official CPA's. They will share some of what they discovered so that the HGC members
can learn to identify native bees, who are critical to our flowers and crops. Bee-come a bee-friendly gardener by creating good pollinator habitats in your yard, garden, and neighborhood. Construct a simple house for Mason Bees (to take home) that will attract these excellent pollinators to your garden. All supplies will be provided.

April 12, 2018
Program: “Triangle Gardener” Winner and Brainstorming for Next Year's Programs
Location: Orange Co. Environment and Agriculture Center, 306 Revere Street, Hillsborough
Hostesses: Andrea Lewis,    Linda Petrick,     Pip Merrick

In 2016, Laura Hare, from Bahama, NC, won the first gardening contest sponsored by the magazine “Triangle Gardener.” She won Best Container Garden and Best Garden in the Triangle. Her multiple gardens and containers keep her busy and “in her happy place.” She will bring to us her passion for planting and her experience with the contest. Following her presentation, we will break into small groups to brainstorm ideas for next year's programs.

May 10, 2018
Program: Sharing Our Gardens: Growing Plants from Seeds and Creating an Herb Spiral
Location: Orange Co. Environment and Agriculture Center, 306 Revere Street
Hostesses: Janie Trumbull,    Laurie Renz,   Christiane Burrell

This month we will get practical and creative ideas for improving our gardens. HGC member Donna Mebane will present her techniques for growing perennials, such as hollyhocks and gladiola, from seeds. Member Frances Harris will describe the benefits of having an herb spiral and demonstrate one method of creating one.

June 14, 2018***
Program: Program Planning, Gardening Advice and Pot Luck Lunch
Location: United Methodist Church, 130 W. Tryon Street

Hostesses:  Laura Simmons,  Phyllis Simon,  Sue Waters

Vote for next year's programs based on the ideas gathered from the April brainstorming session and additional suggestions. Following this, there will be a short video presentation with Master Gardeners' tips for flowers and planting. Bring a dish for our pot luck lunch to enjoy during the end of the year celebration.

***NOTE: Each member brings a dish to share. Hostesses provide beverages and set up for luncheon. Everyone is encouraged to stay to help with clean-up.