A New Year in Garden Club

Welcome to a new year of Garden Club. The long, hot summer is (nearly) over and we have a season of rest as the earth renews itself through fall and winter. Then comes the spring, and with it the many wondrous beauties we plan and work for.

Speaking of spring, this year, along with our Alliance for Historic Hillsborough partners, will produce another Spring Garden Tour. Our theme this year is “Town and Country,” and we plan to take visitors into the lovely gardens of the historic district, as well as some of the spectacular gardens in the countryside surrounding the town center. We have many properties already in mind for the tour and are expecting a record turn-out as we show our beautiful town to the world. The dates for the Spring Garden Tour is May 20-21, 2017.

We have many outstanding programs lined up for our regular meetings this year. Vice Presidents Ann Gleason and Catherine Phelps have pulled together a diverse range of topics, including moss, fern and water oasis; container gardening with Cathy Dyke from Montrose gardens; raised vegetable gardens, pollinator gardening, and a couple of field meetings to Chapel Hill’s Niche Gardens and Camellia forest. We’ve also got a special meeting at Trish Koontz’s Sweet Memories Garden (at her home) where she’ll lead us through ideas for our involvement in Hillsborough’s proposed designation as a Bee City USA.

Take a look through the list of committees. If you missed out on signing up for a committee, please consider joining one now. We do so much for the community through these committees, but in addition to that, we receive so much personally.

You’ll see on the cover our new Hillsborough Garden Club logo. We’ll use it proudly and spread it around the community with pride. We are the Hillsborough Garden Club and we are glad you are here with us.

Respectfully committed~



Your 2016-2017 president


Carolyn Bass

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